about us

Our unique network of experts spans the spectrum of healthcare management, health informatics, business policy, and clinical service delivery, to offer custom project teams tailored to your needs.

We serve as extenders/promoters for your organization through professional engagement by speaking the language of healthcare and innovation, and providing depth and reach without the FTE cost.

  • Healthcare administration
  • Health informatics
  • Military healthcare
  • Military operations
  • Virtual health/telehealth
  • Product/program development
  • Clinical operations
  • Clinical processes
  • Medical terminology
  • Finance and accounting
    Revenue cycle
  • Quality improvement
  • Process development/optimization
  • Compliance


Our Company


MCM applies proprietary processes based on established best business practices and methodologies to identify, analyze, and improve upon existing business processes within an organization. We aim to enhance overall quality, optimize efficiency, and help organizations meet new quotas or standards of quality.

While maintaining a strong focus on the fundamental principles of time-tested quality improvement techniques, MCM applies its expertise in healthcare disruption theory and state-of-the-art technology to engineer unique solutions for unique problems.

Our Company


MCM founders are innovators who are passionate about healthcare product development. With significant in-house expertise on the product development life-cycle (taking a product from concept to implementation), as well as in post-implementation product management, MCM is well-positioned to support its clients’ product development needs.

Our Company


MCM provides consulting services to businesses in all stages of growth from start-ups to mature companies looking to re-energize their business.

Through its extensive professional network, MCM is able to scale its integrated consulting resources along with the growth of its clients and its client portfolio.


In short about us

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