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about us

Modern Care Models (MCM) provides consulting services to support growing organizations. We specialize in leveraging technology and innovative processes to assist healthcare start-ups, tech companies, and medical offices in growth efficacy. Leveraging a robust network of experts and working professionals, MCM allocates targeted resources based on the needs and fiscal resources of its clients to provide unrivaled value through a combination of paid and pro-bono activities.

our founder's story

MCM was founded by former Army Combat Medics and Noncommissioned Officers who having experienced the continuum of military and VA healthcare. As healthcare executives and patients, they set out to improve access and quality of medical care for Service-members, Veterans, and their families through the application of leading techniques and products in healthcare innovation.

After developing executive-level expertise in the private and military healthcare sectors and on governing boards of professional healthcare organizations, MCM founders leveraged their formidable network and unique experience to build an exceptional consulting team and to establish strategic partnerships capable of tackling a vast array of modern healthcare issues.

From the battlefield, to the hospital, to the home of each patient, today’s rapidly evolving healthcare tools and processes offer a broad range of possibility for the improvement of access, quality, efficiency, and efficacy at every point of care. The MCM Team’s mission is to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors of healthcare by introducing proven innovative technological and business solutions into the robust network of government healthcare.


In short about us

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